Steelplant no longer makes Desktop Dumpsters.

Thanks to all my customers! The dumpsters were good while they lasted, but things change. If you really need one there is a copycat selling some online. You can get a dumpster similar to mine from them. They are not the origin of this product idea, they just claim to be.

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The following is information about the now discontinued original Desktop Dumpster:

Desktop Dumpsters are miniature trash bins with graffiti inspired art for your space. Each unique seven pound piece is hand made at Steelplant from 16 gauge steel, heavy-duty casters, and rubber lids. Fill with magazines, books, art supplies, actual garbage, or those "important" files from your boss. Dumpsters hold 8.5 X 11 goods neatly. 

Fill with magazines, books, art supplies, actual garbage, or those "important" files from your boss. Dumpsters hold 8.5 X 11 goods neatly. Barbie sized accessories work great. They also make fantastic planters.